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Terrasoft CRM 2.8

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Terrasoft CRM 2.8 is a user-friendly and highly customizable solution for mid-size business to enable efficient contact communications, product information, sales, projects and tasks management, with an easy to use interface and information search capability.



Terrasoft CRM 2.8 contains inbuilt Email client that provides complete email functionality for small business, including bulk email sending, message templates, email rules, grouping and quick search. Each message can be linked to the account, contact, document or sale.

Terrasoft provides customization tools that enable every company modify all aspects of the system to fit the unique business needs. Inbuilt Script Editor, Report Builder, Filter Editor, Plug-ins support and open database add a significant value to every CRM implementation.

Data Exchange

With the help of Replication Utility you can continue using Terrasoft CRM at home, or on the road without Internet connection. When you return to the office this utility will synchronize your database with office general database.

If you have branch offices in the different parts of the world you can synchronize CRM databases to use a single customer data source business-wide. The Replication Utility will enable you to exchange and synchronize data between remote offices by email.

Call Center

None of the incoming calls will be missed thanks to the Call Center software capabilities. Outgoing and incoming calls can be automatically processed and registered in Terrasoft CRM software to allow users concentrate on their core business.

Terrasoft CRM Web provides almost the same functionality as desktop version and contains the following sections: Accounts, Contacts, Sales, Documents, Campaigns, Products, Tasks and Library. You can use the desktop and web version in the same system.



  • Tel: (+995 32) 2541818    Extensions:
  • Servers & Storage - 139; 144
  • Power Protection and Cooling - 122
  • Communications, Network Equipment & Wireless - 115; 180
  • Licensing - 170
  • Email: projects_sales(at)ol.ge



  • Tel: (+995 32) 2541818    Extensions:
  • Desktops, Workstations & Notebooks - 111; 136; 181; 183
  • Peripherals - 135; 181
  • Email: sales(at)ol.ge


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