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Compact server rooms require on-line UPS that run cool, with a higher operating efficiency and compact footprint. Multi Sentry and Sentinel Power are used within such environments every day, across the world, powering the most sophisticated servers on a guaranteed 24/7 basis.

Using Riello UPS such as the Master MPS in high-resilience formats can ensure a data centre achieve five-nines levels of performance and uptime. For modular flexibility, the Multi Guard is an ideal choice for data centres.


Model List

sentinel-pro Energy efficient, on-line double-conversion UPS range for critical applications. The Sentinel Pro offers the highest levels of reliability and protection for servers, voice and data processing IT systems.
sentinel-dual-l High density version of the Premium Pro on-line UPS range, and ideal for a variety of applications. The flexible design of this UPS means it can be used in rack or tower format, and and is available with battery extension packs for longer runtime applications.
sentinel-dual-h A UPS solution for server rooms and data centres looking for a high-performance system. The models are available in dual format - tower or rackmount - and offer a number of protection and monitoring features. The UPS offer a 1/1 or 3/1 configuration. Available with extended runtime packs.
SentinelPowerGreen Sentinel Power Green is the ideal solution for protecting IT systems, telecommunications equipment and mission critical systems such as safety devices, ensuring maximum power reliability.
sentiel-power A tower format UPS for server rooms and data centres offering a 1/1 or 3/1 configuration and a built-in maintenance byapss - suitable for a wide variety of applications and capable of extended runtimes with additional battery packs.
multy-sentry2 The most advanced UPS available in terms of the latest feature-rich form of power protection, offering a single or three phase configuration, high input power factor, high operating efficiency and advanced battery management.
multy-guard Advanced design modular UPS ideal for server rooms and data centres, with scalable power capacity from 15kVA to 120kVA. The intelligent drawer-style design of provides maximum availability, redundancy and protection for mission critical loads.
multi_guard_industrial The Multi Guard Industrial range was specially developed to ensure power continuity in all sectors deemed critical due to the specific environmental conditions or industrial processes requiring protection.
master_mps The ultimate power protection for large data centres offering a number of high-resilience parallel formats up to 6.4MVA.
master_hp MASTER HP Series provides maximum protection and power quality for data centres and industrial loads. The UPS has an IGBT-based rectifi er, DSP (Digital Signal Processors) technology and provides true On-line, double conversion power protection.
master_hp_ul The incredible levels of quality, reliability and energy savings offered by the Master HP range of UPS have been extended to include a 480 Vac - 60 Hz version, certified as UL, with power ratings from 65 to 250 kVA.
master_industrial Master Industrial series UPS provide maximum protection and power quality for any type of load, especially industrial applications, such as manufacturing and petrochemical processes, electrical distribution and power plants.
master_fc400 Master FC400 series static frequency converters are available from 30 to 120 kVA, with 50 or 60 Hz input and 400 Hz output. The result of extensive experience acquired in the UPS industry, the Master FC 400 series is distinguished by the use of technologically advanced components and for excellent reliability, ease of maintenance and ease of operation.


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