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Tape Libraries and Autoloaders to free up IT resources and minimize the risk of human error. Complete, ready-to-use backup solutions featuring DAT, DLT and LTO tape drives with One-Button-Disaster-Recovery. Comprehensive range of reliable, cost-effective data protection solutions.


Product List

hp_eml Designed to provide reliability, scalability and manageability with robust data protection and investment protection in heterogeneous Storage Area Networks (SAN) environments.
msl6000 HP's extensive data protection & archiving portfolio offers a choice of tape libraries designed to provide unattended backup, archive and disaster recovery for businesses of any size.
lto Single tape drive with multiple data cartridges and a robotic changer. Choice of tape technologies. Direct-attach or over-the-network backup.
tape_drives Complete, ready-to-use backup solutions. Easy to install and use. Capacities from 40GB to 3TB of compressed data per cartridge.
hp-storageworks-rack-mount-kits Tape Rack-mount Kits for small to medium sized organizations or remote office locations of larger companies looking for a smaller footprint from their rack.
secure_key_manager Reduce your risk of a costly data breach and reputation damage while improving regulatory compliance with centralized secure encryption key management for enterprise tape libraries and SAN switches.
media HP offers write-once and rewritable format optical disks designed for easy data access and permanent data storage that can't be altered or erased.


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