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Barracuda Backup Service is an affordable data backup solution that provides full local data backups with several options for offsite data replication. Barracuda Backup Service provides complete control over where data is stored.

For local backup, Barracuda Backup Service offers a full line of Barracuda Backup Servers to store data locally at different sized locations. To prevent catastrophic data loss at any single location, Barracuda Backup Service lets customers replicate backups offsite to the cloud, to their privately owned locations or a combination of both.

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A solid data backup and recovery plan is crucial for any organization, regardless of the industry or business size. As part of that plan, organizations need to have a solution in place to ensure that data is protected and easily accessible when it is needed.


Complete Data Backup Solution

The Barracuda Backup Service combines automatic local data backup via the Barracuda Backup Server with secure online backups. The Barracuda Backup Service copies data from any computer or storage platform and provides fast local storage and restores. The Barracuda Backup Service safely maintains backup data offsite using efficient replication techniques designed to conserve bandwidth and minimize the cost of disaster recovery. Other capabilities include:

  •  Automatic Backups. Administrators set the schedule for how often backups should run throughout the day. This eliminates the risks associated with manual backup.
  •  Network File System Support. The Barracuda Backup Server supports a flexible range of connectivity options for backing up data from network file systems including CIFS (Windows), SSHFS (Mac and Linux/Unix) and NCP (Novell).
  •  Windows File System Support. Backup agent software is included with the Barracuda Backup Service to capture File System backups with Open File and Permissions (ACL) protection of servers running Windows Server 2003 & 2008 (standard, enterprise and SBS editions), Windows Storage Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  •  Windows System State Support. Backup agent software is included with the Barracuda Backup Service to capture System State backups of servers running Windows Server 2003 & 2008 (standard, enterprise and SBS editions), Windows Storage Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  •  Exchange Support. Backup agent software is included with the Barracuda Backup Service to backup Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  •  Microsoft SQL Server Support. Backup agent software is included with the Barracuda Backup Service to backup Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and 2008.
  •  Full Local Backup. The Barracuda Backup Server offers sufficient storage for a complete copy of an organization’s current and historical data.
  •  Fast Local Restore. Administrators can restore data directly from the Barracuda Backup Server at local network speeds. This is the quickest way to recover lost data or recreate historical data.
  •  Secure, Redundant Replication. Multiple layers of encryption, including AES 256-bit, protect the integrity of data transferred offsite. Barracuda Networks offsite data center uses highly redundant disk-based hardware in a fully encrypted and secure format.
  •  Alert Notifications. The Barracuda Backup Service automatically provides email alerts to administrators when service issues are detected. Notifications are sent when errors or file warnings are detected in backups or, when files are missing.
  •  Regulatory Compliance. The Barracuda Backup Service encompasses the security requirements to cover a wide range of industry-specific regulations, such as HIPAA for the healthcare industry, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley for financial organizations.


Secure Offsite Backup

Unlike other vendors, the Barracuda Backup Service makes three backup copies of an organization’s primary data: one local backup and two copies of data backups offsite in the cloud. To ensure the security and integrity of an organization’s offsite data, Barracuda Networks has equipped data centers with on-premises security teams, restricted visitor access, alarm systems, advanced fire suppression systems, distributed redundant power and carrier-class diverse routed Internet connections. In the event of a disaster recovery situation, the offsite backup storage provides an easy way to restore critical information. The monthly Barracuda Backup Subscription provides full 24x7 service and technical support and cloud storage.

Advanced and Efficient Technology

The Barracuda Backup Service maximizes storage capacity, controls data requiring backup, and ensures fast and easy data restoration.

  •  Data Deduplication. Using advanced technology, the Barracuda Backup Service reduces the storage and transfer requirements for backups by analyzing each file and only transferring and archiving new bit sequences. This advanced deduplication technology is applied within a single file's revision history as well as across the entire backup volume. Deduplication is also applied between data sets from multiple locations.
  •  Backup Selection and Connections. The Barracuda Backup Service offers granular control to identify network volumes or limited areas within a network volume for backup. The Barracuda Backup Service uses standard network protocol connections, such as CIFs and NFS to access data.
  •  Scalable. The Barracuda Backup Service can be configured to backup as much or as little data as needed. A single Barracuda Backup Server is capable of managing regular backups for several terabytes of changing information. To store an even greater amount of data, administrators can deploy multiple Barracuda Backup Servers. The amount of data that the Barracuda Backup Service can store, both locally and offsite, is limitless.
  •  Diverse Restore Methods. Data is easy to restore using any of the following methods, including:
    1. Barracuda Restore Client for Windows
    2. FTP from Barracuda Backup Server
    3. FTPS from Barracuda Central
    4. Barracuda Backup Web interface
    5. Shipment of restored data from Barracuda Networks (for an additional fee)
  •  Change Detection Backup and Rate Control. Utilizing efficient technology to detect file changes, the Barracuda Backup Service supports scheduled backups as often as every few minutes for constant data protection. Separately, the Barracuda Backup Service enables control over the rate at which data is replicated offsite throughout the day. The rate control feature provides for the preservation of Internet bandwidth during peak usage and optimizes offsite backup transfers during daily non-peak hours.


Robust Policy Management

The Barracuda Backup Service includes numerous features to manage data retention and streamline the storage of essential files.

  •  Flexible Data Retention. The Barracuda Backup Service provides policy management to streamline complex data retention requirements. Administrators can set in-depth policies, specifying the retention of selected files or broader data based on daily, weekly, monthly or annual time intervals.
  •  Litigation Readiness. Retention policies using the Barracuda Backup Service assists organizations in discovery requests by simplifying the retention and reproduction of electronic data.
  •  File Watch Rules. File watch rules send warning notifications when specified files have not been modified often enough or appear smaller than expected. Administrators are alerted if third-party backup software used to schedule backup files either fails or if the file appears to be of insufficient size.
  •  Exclusion Rules. To control critical data storage, administrators have the option of creating directory-based or file extension exclusions. Common exclusions include music, movies or other files deemed non-essential to the organization.


Simple Administration

The Barracuda Backup Service features a Web interface, creating an intuitive administration tool. The Web interface allows users to define, manage and control backup settings.

  •  Web Interface. The integrated Web interface makes it easy to manage and back up data on the Barracuda Backup Server. The Web interface provides access and control of settings, reports, restores, statistics and account information in order to manage multiple deployed Barracuda Backup Servers and Barracuda Backup Subscriptions across multiple locations.
  •  Reports and Statistical Graphs. The Barracuda Backup Service offers reports for managing backups and understanding the information stored on the local or offsite backups. Using the Web interface, a health monitor displays graphs of the Barracuda Backup Server and offsite storage conditions.


Barracuda Backup Server Series

Local inline Deduplication Backup Systems with available offsite Cloud Storage

  Model 190
Suggested Backup Volume: 100 GB
Internal Capacity: 250 GB

  Model 390
Suggested Backup Volume: 500 GB
RAID Internal Capacity: 1 TB

  Model 490
Suggested Backup Volume: 1 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 2 TB

  Model 690
Suggested Backup Volume: 2 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 4 TB

  Model 890
Suggested Backup Volume: 4 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 8 TB

  Model 990
Suggested Backup Volume: 12 TB
RAID Internal Capacity: 24 TB


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