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The Barracuda Purewire Web Security Service is a cloud-based secure Web gateway that protects users from malware, phishing, identity theft, and other harmful activity online.

The service enforces organizational Internet usage policies through content filtering, URL filtering and application blocking. It is centrally managed with real-time consolidated reporting and provides proactive defenses against a quickly evolving threat landscape. Enterprises simply point their Web traffic to the service, and it protects users online regardless of location or physical device, including laptops and mobile devices.

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Cloud-based content filtering and malware protection

Advances in social networking like Facebook, Web applications like Twitter, and commerce sites like Craigslist and eBay present new security challenges to protect users from where they are going, what they are downloading and from anyone malicious or fraudulent with whom they are interacting online. Traditional anti-virus, Web Filtering and networking solutions can’t keep up. Barracuda Networks brings safety and trust back to these platforms.

The Barracuda Purewire Web Security Service, a cloud-based secure Web gateway, protects users from malware, phishing, identity theft, and other harmful activity online – in effect, providing a pure wire to the Internet. The service sits between a company’s network and the Internet to protect the company’s users as they conduct business-critical activities on the Web.

Specifically, it:

  •  Inspects outbound Web traffic for safety and compliance
  •  Analyzes Web site response traffic for malicious programs and untrustworthy users
  •  Provides global visibility through comprehensive and flexible reporting to the user level
  •  Protects users accessing the Web in the workplace, on laptops and via mobile devices

Easy to Use

The Barracuda Purewire Web Security Service offers a very clean and well organized policy and reporting interface that is easy to use. From the dashboard, administrators can view a consistent hyperlinked drill down into three levels of increasingly more granular data. The service simply organizes group-and user-based policies to ensure they are enforced.

Simple to deploy

The Barracuda Purewire Web Security Service offers a flexible range of easy deployment options. The service is designed to fit any deployment scenario for organizations of all sizes. The deployment options range from simply pointing your browsers to the cloud-based service to on site appliances deeply integrated into your directory services.

Advanced malware protection

The Barracuda Purewire Web Security Service combines multiple layers of threat protection to combat the most sophisticated Web attacks. The layers incorporate anti-virus signatures and object-based malware with advanced AJAX-aware analysis to detect malicious Web applications and script-based attacks. Additionally, the service uses HTTP HTTP-focused behavior analysis and intrusion detection to identify and block botnet communication, spyware and rogue AV.

Real-time consolidated reporting

The cloud-based service allows you to access reporting anytime, anywhere – across multiple locations, devices and users. The real-time consolidated reporting offers a wealth of security, compliance and usage information that can be scheduled or accessed in real time. Data storage is included for one year, with options for longer-term storage.



  • Tel: (+995 32) 2541818    Extensions:
  • Servers & Storage - 139; 144
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  • Communications, Network Equipment & Wireless - 115; 180
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  • Tel: (+995 32) 2541818    Extensions:
  • Desktops, Workstations & Notebooks - 111; 136; 181; 183
  • Peripherals - 135; 181
  • Email: sales(at)ol.ge


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