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Row Power Distribution

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Power Distribution solutions provide real-time remote load monitoring of connected equipment and individual outlet power control for remote power recycling, manage power-up or power-down sequencing of equipment. IT and Data Center Managers rely on APC PDU alarms to warn of potential power overloads before critical IT failures occur.

You don't have to wait for a holiday to add a new circuit.

row_acc Modular Power Distribution mitigates the need to predict the future requirements and configurations of your data center. This visionary power distribution system is agile enough to match the needs of your data center today and enable rapid expansion or reconfiguration in the future.

The configure-to-order (CTO) process allows for factory installation and testing of breakers, branch circuit monitoring boards, conf_dist load-test ports, and cut-to-size whips. The InfraStruXure® PDU can be deployed in environments without raised floors for reduced installation costs and increased agility

APC Power Distribution Modules simplify both the global deployment of a standard power distribution system and the expansion of existing APC Modular Power Distribution Unit solutions

Product List

Products Brief Specifications
Agile, Safe, Efficient Power distribution for IT equipment in any size data center or high density zone
Modules and Accessories to upgrade and expand the modular power distribution units
Configured to order, factory assembled power distribution for IT equipment in any size data center or high density zone
Breakers, Cordset and Accessories to upgrade and expand the power distribution units


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