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What makes an HPE GOLD Server Specialist so special?

HPE Server Specialist means profound knowledge and expertise in HPE enterprise technology to provide strategies and solutions that meet the specific needs of large and enterprise organizations, with the sustained support of HPE.

No one knows your system better. They stand out from the crowd for their expertise in HPE ProLiant servers technology.

Features, functionality, compatibility, licensing – their certified skills and knowledge in these areas are at your service.

Working with a HPE Server Specialist will get your precise business needs, and will be implemented faster so you can reap the benefits of your IT investments sooner.



What makes an HPE GOLD Storage Specialist so special?

HPE GOLD Storage Specialists are able to deliver storage and data consolidation, virtualization, application modernisation and business protection solutions to support organizations to optimise their business.

Engage with an HPE GOLD Storage Specialists to craft a storage strategy that lets you manage, protect and optimise your data.

An HPE GOLD Storage Specialists collaborates with you to architect solutions that put your information to work, and he enables your business to grow and adapt to change. Nobody does it better.



What makes a Gold Partner Ready Services Specialist so special?

HPE GOLD Partner Ready Services Specialist partners are qualified to plan and deliver even the most ambitious projects spanning the entire IT solution lifecycle, and can plan and deploy a wide range of solutions, from basic break-fix services to more extensive cloud and virtualization projects.

HPE GOLD Partner Ready Services Specialist partners can rapidly assess and implement new technologies like cloud or virtualization, and offer proactive support options to optimize system-wide performance and improve business results, and service level guarantees backed by HPE.

HPE GOLD Partner Ready Services Specialist partners are staffed by HPE-certified engineers and sales professionals who have gone through HPE’s rigorous learning program, and can thus provide top-notch engineers with a broad and deep understanding of HPE’s product portfolio, exceptional support services backed by highly qualified staff with career certifications, and custom multiproduct solutions to meet your unique business needs.

HPE GOLD Partner Ready Services Specialist partners are not just your partners in name. They also work closely with HPE to address technology challenges and solve critical integration issues for their customers. When you choose an HPE GOLD Partner Ready Services Specialist partner, you can feel confident that they have full, ready access to HPE’s industry-leading technology experts worldwide, and the ability to harness those resources for you.



  • Tel: (+995 32) 2541818    Extensions:
  • Servers & Storage - 139; 144
  • Power Protection and Cooling - 122
  • Communications, Network Equipment & Wireless - 115; 180
  • Licensing - 170
  • Email: projects_sales(at)ol.ge



  • Tel: (+995 32) 2541818    Extensions:
  • Desktops, Workstations & Notebooks - 111; 136; 181; 183
  • Peripherals - 135; 181
  • Email: sales(at)ol.ge


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